Best Netbook Games

So you’ve just got rid of your old laptop and moved on to a new netbook. It is exciting to hold the new mini-laptop in your hands for the first time, isn’t it? It is just amazing how technology has changed the world in such short time. Before, we used to do all our work on our large and bulky desktops. You would have to make place to just fit your CPU and monitor. Then eventually technology advanced more, and brought laptops in the market. It was like your own portable computer. Today what you see in the market is more portable and compact than your average laptop, it is called the netbook. You might have probably seen these netbooks in the market nowadays, almost everyone is buying them because of their small size, light weight, and smooth running. One of the main reasons why most people are buying netbooks is for playing games, as netbooks have a long battery life. Gamers, no matter where they go, they need some hours of gaming action in a day. So here is an article on netbook games list for you guys.

Best Netbook Games

All the following mentioned games should work fine on a modern netbook. However, it is advised that you check the configuration of your netbook and see that it is well equipped to play the current HD games available in the market.

World of Goo
Probably one of the best netbook games for kids, World of Goo is an exciting puzzle game with amazing characters and charm. You play the game by building towers with blobs of goo. Remember that you have to put most blobs in the pipe so that they reach at the top-level. The first few levels are for practice which makes you familiar with the mechanics of the game and as you move ahead you the level of difficulty increases and so does your concentration level. It is one of the best puzzle games in which the concept is plain and simple but the puzzles keep getting more and more complicated. You can play World of Goo on Windows and Linux both, so I don’t think you will face any trouble getting this game on your netbook.

Going to be one of the best netbook games 2011, Rage is undoubtedly one of the best First Person Shooter games (FPS) this season. The game features exciting new combat battles and some amazing graphics and sounds. You can also enjoy some dusty post apocalyptic settings which fires up the excitement level. Coming out in September, I’m pretty sure that Rage is definitely going to be a great game to play..

Half Life
No list of netbook games can be completed without Half Life. It is one of the highest selling action games of all time and continues to be a favorite among many gaming fans. You would obviously need more than a basic netbook to play Half Life, this First Person Shooter game has also received lots of critical acclaim for its graphics, storytelling and music. Still known as the original FPS game, Half Life is a perfect way to kill time on a boring weekend or flight.

A brilliant effort by Runic Games, and the creators of Diablo, Max and Erich Schaefer. Torchlight is a game which is ideal to play for a short session and the best part is it comes with the option of netbook mode in the Settings Menu. I would recommend a mouse for playing this game, as the level gets quite competitive in the dungeons level. The game is not at all confusing, like most action games, and does an excellent job of keeping the player entertained by its amazing tools and new features. Perfect for a long and lazy weekend.

Gaming Headsets for PS3

So, what lures you into buying a good headset for your precious gadget? It is essential to be in possession of a headset that enriches your gaming experience by providing amazing voice chat while playing, a sound system that does not hinder the performance of the players, and most importantly, lucid audio abilities. Think of it, wouldn’t effective communication between team players all throughout a game, and devising new strategies every time, be a great thing while you’re playing? Indeed, it will be. However, the conventional user has gotten all the more perplexed with countless brands offering their range of gaming headsets, thereby, making it hard for the gamer to settle on one. So, if you’re hunting all over hell for a fantastic gaming headset for your Sony PlayStation 3, wander no more, as the following information on headsets for PS3 that give ordinary earpieces a run for their money is enough to surfeit your gaming appetite. These headset options come with extremely handy features, and awesome control over the sound activities of your PS3. They’re so superbly designed that you’d just wish you had more than two ears!

Best Gaming Headsets for Sony PS3
Before shelling out dollars from your wallet, you should know the basics of buying a gaming headset. Firstly, gaming involves hours and hours of entertainment. So, your primary concern while buying a gaming headset for your PlayStation should be comfort. Secondly, what’s a headset without an impeccable sound quality? For experiencing supernal gaming, noise-cancellation, surround sound, and multi-system support should be of the utmost priority. That is to say, a great-quality gaming headset will let you experience your game in a way no other headset can. What follows below is a comprehensive review of five top-of-the-line headsets best suited for your prized possession – Sony PlayStation 3.

Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21
Rotating ear-cups
Compatible with PS3, Xbox, and other PC Games
Automatic volume increase
In-line amplifier
40-mm stereo speakers
Adjustable microphone
Fabric mesh ear-cushions
Separate volume controls for gaming and incoming chat
(MRP: $79.99)
It’s the most sought after piece in the tech-market due to its stereo USB headset feature for the purpose of chats, and amplified stereo headset feature for gaming.

Logitech F540
Wireless with 2.4 GHz radio frequency
Adjustable boom mic with LED
Compatible with PS3 and most bluetooth-enabled devices
RCA and headphone jack interfaces supported
Runtime up to 10 hours, and standby up to 300 hours
Plug-n-play wireless base station with PS3
40 mm laser-tuned drivers
MRP: $149.99
For great sound quality, this product is the best pick in the PS3 headset market, thanks to its impressive multi-system support.

PS3 Wireless Stereo Headset
7.1 digital surround sound
Extremely comfy ear pads
Comes with a retractable microphone
Up to 7 hours of runtime
Built-in rechargeable battery
Extremely lightweight despite the heavy looks
Exclusive on-screen headset updates available
Totally complements the looks of PS3
MRP: $99.99
Official is always the coolest. This PS3 headset boasts upon its ability to work at its finest during the crucial moments of gaming. Don’t miss the minutest of sounds with this headset on.

Tritton AX Pro Dolby Digital Precision
Compatible with PS3, Xbox 360, PC/Mac
Most versatile headset
In-line audio controller
Detachable microphone
Dolby Digital certified
8 speakers (4 for each cup)
Comes with external 5.1 audio controller with analog 3.5mm 5.1 output
MRP: $169.99
Thanks to its phenomenal 8 precision speakers (4 in each ear cup), this piece literally makes you forget the world with its heart-thumping bass.

Astro A40
Comes with audiophile-grade sound and voice communication
Most user-friendly headset
5.1 to 7.1 surround sound simulation
Up to 8 hours of talktime and 160 hours of standby
Comes with quick disconnect cable and multiple ends
Has a standard dual-jack PC connector
Works well with A40 MixAmp
MRP: $199.99
Despite being a bit towards the high-end, this headset delivers the best noise-canceling, and definitely scores high in comfort and surround sound.

Some more to play through:
Sharkoon X-Tatic True 5.1 Headset ($159.99)
Sennheiser PC 360 ($199.99)
PDP Metal Gear Solid 4 Bluetooth Headset ($599.99)
Skull Candy GI Gaming Headphone ($59.99)
Creative Labs HS-980 Fatal1ty Professional Series ($64.99)

Features and Specifications of Netbooks

Ultraportables, thin-and-light, desktop replacement, subnotebooks… all these names for one electronic machine, the laptop computer. Among these, the smallest is easily a netbook. Designed as a mini laptop with basic computing skills, the netbook is a cheaper alternative to the high-end gaming machines and luxury laptops. To easily pick out the best netbooks in the market, one must understand what to look for in a netbook, and how it is different from a laptop. In this article, we look at some basic netbook features and a brief explanation of each.

Features and Specifications of Netbooks

So what actually does a netbook consist of? Here’s a look at some of the main parts that make a netbook stand out among computers.

Size and Dimensions
One of the most important and obvious netbook characteristics, is its diminutive size. The netbook was marketed to an audience looking for a smaller version of a laptop. Their screen sizes are normally 5 inches, 7 inches, 11 and 12 inches at a maximum. The odd 13, 14, 15 inch models fall under notebooks or subnotebook category and larger than that is purely laptop. Their small size allows for a light weight, with a compact design. Keep in mind, that the larger the screen, the better the resolution, but ease in carrying it around decreases.

Hardware Parts
Netbooks have less or reduced hardware parts, as compared to their larger cousins. Optical drives, DVD readers and writers are just not present in a netbook. Other missing parts are floppy disk drives, serial and parallel ports. What is the hardware present in a netbook? 3-in-1 card slots, USB slots, Wi-Fi card and Ethernet port and perhaps Bluetooth. A webcam is another popular hardware perk on a netbook. Since you always need more storage space than you have, the number of USB ports and SD slots are a key feature to look for.

Technical Make-Up
3 main technical parts of a netbook:
Operating System – At the beginning of the netbook’s entry into the electronic market, all netbook models had Linux. While Linux is a good operating system, it’s not meant for beginners with computing devices. Plus program compatibility is another issue. Not everything runs on Linux, the way things run on Windows. Nowadays the dominant netbook OS is Windows XP. Some models do ship with Windows Vista. The Windows 7 starter edition is present among recent models.

Processor – Another signature point among netbook features, is the processor used. Don’t expect the wide range and strength of laptop and PC processors. Netbooks have low power, single core processors. The most popular processor, found in most netbook models, is the Intel Atom processor. A close competitor is the VIA Nano. The whole idea behind such processors, is minimum computing power with good battery retention and operating system support.

Storage and RAM – Let’s discuss RAM first. Higher the RAM, faster the computer. This rule of thumb holds true for netbooks. Most netbooks are equipped with a minimum of 1GB RAM, with upgrading to 2GB allowed. If possible and keeping the processor in mind, go in for a 2 GB RAM. 1GB can be slow and sluggish in performance. Netbooks can have either normal hard disk drives (HDD) or solid-state drives (SSD). Earlier netbook models were always equipped with SSDs. Their actual storage space is limited to pitiful amounts like 16GB or 32GB. With such a miserly amount of space, you’ll find yourself carrying around a lot of external drives and SD cards. A HDD in contrast offers at least 160GB of space. But they tend to reduce battery life and are more damage prone.

Battery Life
If you rarely take your netbook out of the house, or have a permanent power supply everywhere you use it, this is nothing to be concerned about. However, on-the-go laptop users have scarce charging options. The secret behind battery life is, the actual life is half of what is advertised. This is because the battery depends on the processor and what’s being done on the netbook. Average life should be 4 – 6 hours. You can go in for an extended battery for a longer life, but this adds to weight. A light netbook means less battery life. So this feature is a toss-up between weight and staying power.

Computing Power
From the rough hardware specs above, two words can sum up the computing capabilities of a netbook: bare necessity. A netbook’s functionality lies between a smartphone and a laptop, majorly towards the smartphone’s side. For word processing tasks, web browsing, spreadsheet works, minimum computer tasks can be performed on a netbook. Computer games, media functions, programming, such heavy-duty jobs can’t be done. Or they can be done at a snail’s pace. This is only logical, as with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of a hard disk drive, what computing tasks can you do? The best approach with this feature of a netbook, is to keep your expectations to a minimum.

Perhaps the best feature about a netbook, is the low cost. A netbook’s prime advantage is in its low cost. Who wouldn’t want a computing machine, highly portable and compact at ½ the price of a laptop or PC? Your average netbook cost should be between $200 – $500. High-end models can touch the $600 line. But remember, you pay for what you get. Paying $300 for a netbook, does not mean you have a cheap laptop. There are less features under the hood, less hardware make-up and less computing power.

Netbook Features Comparison

For a better understanding of how the above features are part of the netbook’s makeup, take a look at 3 of the latest netbook models, compared by features.

Name: Samsung NF310 A01, Processor: Intel Atom N550 Dual-Core, RAM & Storage: 1GB RAM, 250GB hard disk, Screen Size: 10.8 inches Weight: 2.9 lbs

Name:Asus Eee PC 1015PN,  Processor: Intel Atom N550 Dual Core, RAM & Storage: 1GB RAM, 250GB hard disk, Screen Size: 10.3 inches, Weight: 2.8 lbs

So what’s the verdict on the netbook? A nifty mini laptop, at a cheaper price with less power. For students and budgets, it’s an ideal device. But the bright future for the netbook is dimmed by the rapid advance of the tablet PC, led by the iPad 2 and Motorola Xoom. Indeed a tablet is even smaller in size, with more or less the same features, in a more compact package. In the ongoing intense battle for computer device supremacy, knowing which features to look for, makes your choice of a personal computer much easier.

Tips to Buy a Used Microsoft Xbox 360

The Microsoft Xbox 360 might be prehistoric in dog year terms, but it still probably is one of the best gaming consoles of all time. Hardcore gamers still swear by the gaming might of this beast, while those who take to another station would still acknowledge that this sure is a fierce competitor. The introduction of Microsoft’s next-gen gaming console, the Xbox One, comes as great news to everyone who has ever wanted to get themselves an Xbox but could never really afford it. Before you get your hopes high, let me tell you that Microsoft haven’t released a budget gaming console. Just that with the launch of the new console, the price of the 360 has taken a nose dive.

These are great times especially for the bargain hunters out there, with used Xbox 360s going for an absolute steal. There are plenty of mint-condition consoles up for grabs, but then again, there are also those that are a mere eyewash. Fear not, we’re here to help. Given below are a few tips for buying a used Xbox 360.

What to look for in a used Xbox 360?

Looking for a good used Xbox 360 can be quite a daunting task if you don’t know how to spot the black sheep. Thankfully though, if you are to keep a few simple things in mind, this can be quite a cakewalk for you.

Always buy from a trusted source
Seek and you shall find, so they say. But what they often miss out on telling you is that you need to seek for things at the right place. You cannot expect to find apples in a vineyard you know! Perhaps the most important thing to consider while looking for a used Xbox 360 is to verify the source. This is usually rather simple while shopping on major sites like eBay, Amazon, Newegg, etc., as they have stringent quality checks in place, and you can usually bank on the credibility of the seller. Craigslist too, can be a good place to look for a great deal on a used Xbox 360, but as there is no easy way to check the credentials of the seller, you might want to tread carefully. This, however, is no reason for you to not read through every detail of the product and its details as listed by the seller. There have been several instances in the past where buyers have been conned into buying inferior or some other product altogether, just because they didn’t read the product description carefully.

If you are looking to personally procure the console, make sure that you have enough information about the seller. Ask all the questions you have on your mind about the condition of the console. Remember, while making a purchase, there is no such thing as a ‘bad question’.

Get a hands-on feel of the console
Always read about the seller’s return policy. Most sellers offer a grace period, wherein you can return the product if you aren’t happy with it. This period usually ranges between a couple of days to a week, ample time for you to thoroughly check if the console is in good condition. When buying the console in person, insist on trying it out yourself. Run a game on the Xbox to check the controller. Ensure that there are no loose parts on either the controller or the console. Make sure that the buttons on the controller aren’t too hard and have a good tactile feedback. Try out the controller with and without the connecting cable. Check the storage on the console to verify the claim made by the seller. You can do this by checking the information printed at the back of the console. Steer clear of the Xbox 360 Core, Arcade, Slim E 4 GB, and Slim S 4 GB versions of the console as these have very low, if any, storage capacity. ALWAYS insist upon the original bill receipt and other documents of the console.

Add-ons are good, but don’t get swayed by them
There are a lot of Xbox 360s in the market which come bundled with the Kinect. While this might seem like a welcome addition, it certainly does not warrant a steeper asking price. Microsoft’s motion sensor is great, but there are hardly, if any, practical applications for it. Game CDs, on the other hand, would add to the value of the console. Additional controllers also can go a long way in sweetening the deal.

Refurbished over used Xbox 360
While used Xbox 360s are usually available for much cheaper than refurbished ones, the additional warranty that usually comes along with the latter certainly justify the marginal difference in the price. If you are to choose between the two, we’d always suggest you to go in for a refurbished console as it is, in most cases, as-good-as-new.

Tips to buy a used smartphone

We are passing from an era in which smart phones are getting more popularity with the passage of time. Many people with fewer budgets in their pockets want to have smart phones. This is the time to have a used Smartphone instead of a new one. You must be a bit tricky at time of buying a used Smartphone. If you are less experienced in this specific Field, you cannot buy this gadget. It will be better to read this article before buying a used Smartphone as it has been written for your help.

Here are the tips that you should take when you are going to a Smartphone shop.

 Quick scan of the case cover

The first that must be checked is its case cover. Try to notice that the device has no physical defect in it. It is very important to know as well that for which purpose the phone had been used by the previous owners before checking Smartphone for sale.

Case cover must be original

One good thing about used gadgets is that their case covers tell the whole history of their life. Whenever you want to have any cheap Smartphone, make sure that its case cover is in its original condition or at least is in good position.

Buttons should work at the perfect level

If the owner of the phone use and press the buttons of the phone so many time, they are tend to be damaged soon. So, whenever you go to a Smartphone shop, do not forget to check its buttons as they should work perfectly. If you notice a little delay in the answer of the button, it will be better to leave it without thinking anymore.

Do not forget to check the battery

Battery of the phone is again a very important element to be checked. Many Smartphone have either weak battery or they have battery that ends in no time. If you want to check its battery timing, play a highly 3D game. If it gives good response, go and buy Smartphone.

Sound quality of the speaker

Making a phone call is the first reason of invention of this little gadget. If you cannot make a call, it will never be called a phone. This is the reason that a second hand or a used phone is rejected abruptly if its speaker do not work properly when you check Smartphone online or offline.

Can it send text messages

Another question of buying a used Smartphone is to check whether it can send text messages properly or not. If it can send, it means that it has a good cellular connectivity. So, check its sending text messages quality as well.

These were some of the major tips that are like guideline when you have to buy a used Smartphone that must be followed.

Best Configuration for a Gaming Computer

Your heartbeat is racing, fingers ready for action on the mouse, your every sense is alert and focused on the mission… these are just a few thoughts that race through a gamer’s head. Whatever game you play, be it, high speed racing or strategy or good old-fashioned shoot-em-ups, your gaming experience is majorly dependent on your computer’s ability to handle the game. So what is the best gaming computer configuration that your machine should have or at least, try to match up to? Whether you are building a gaming PC from scratch or buying a pre-assembled piece, below are some lineaments or qualities that you should consider, for the ultimate gaming computer.

Think of your gaming computer, as a human. To function, it needs a brain or think-tank and a body o r parts to work properly. Let’s start with the ‘brain parts’ first.

The Brain – Processor & RAM

Speed is the name of the game, when it comes to choosing a processor for your gaming machine. No one likes a lagging or slow system to game on, wherein you execute a mouse click and 20 secs later, it shows up on screen. Twenty secs can mean dead or alive in a fast-paced first-person shooter game. Another problem is a frozen frame, where the game seems to take place in slow motion.

To avoid such complications, choose powerful and speedy processors, quad-core at a minimum, capable of handling your game and multi-tasking as well. In the processor market, 2 players dominate: Intel and AMD. It’s no use arguing about which is better, they function differently and each has its plus and negative points. Intel’s top 2 processors are the i7 and the i5. Actually for top-notch gaming, especially with today’s taxing games, an i5 processor is a minimal requirement. From AMD, the best processor for gaming is from the AMD Phenom II series.

RAM or memory is another key point. Most PC games require a minimum of 2GB RAM for functioning. But with 2GB, you can expect a mediocre performance. Start with 4GB RAM and opt for an expandable memory system, so you can customize as per your needs. Otherwise go for 8GB or 12GB RAM in your machine. The higher the RAM, the better the gaming experience, there’s no question about that. Upcoming game titles require a lot of RAM, so take no chances.

The Brain – Graphics/Video Card

Speed is one point, what about quality? Crisp clean graphics, picture quality, the game design and characters, all should seem as realistic as possible. Take the latest iteration of the World of Warcraft series, World of Warcraft: Cataclysm for example. The lush and vivid landscapes, rich in-game details of the various character classes like the Orcs or the Night Elves, such features require quality depiction. Top gaming titles by default, require a high-end graphics or video card for delivering quality performance. High pixel resolution and dedicated or integrated graphics memory are 2 key factors in choosing the graphics card for your gaming machine. While choosing a graphics card, the top options to consider are the Nvidia GeForce GTX series or the AMD Radeon HD series.

Thinking parts of the gaming PC are over, now let’s move on to the ‘body’ or physical parts that make up the best gaming computer configuration.
The Body – Storage

A rule of thumb, when it comes to hard disk space, no matter how much you have, it’s never enough. This hard fact is especially true for video games, which require a lot of hard disk space for storing installation and configuration files. Battlefield 3 requires at least 20 GB as system space for installation and that’s a small amount. A gaming computer’s storage can be composed of a primary and secondary storage.

The primary storage should be a Solid State Drive (SSD) which can store essential OS and system information and load at a fast rate. Secondary storage is meant for storing game data and files as well as other media. Its capacity should be 500 GB at a minimum.

For comfortable storing, opt for 1 TB, especially if you keep a lot of other files like movies and images. Optical drives, both CD and DVD are a must. Without a DVD drive, how would you install a game? 90% of all game installations come on a DVD drive. A Blu-ray drive is an added perk. USB ports are also needed for connecting external drives or USB gaming peripherals like a gaming mouse.

The Body – External Peripherals

The monitor or display unit is easily the most important gaming peripheral. Ultimately your whole gaming experience depends on its output. What makes a good gaming monitor? For starters, a quick response rate to prevent lagging or ghosting. When the previous image or scene remains on the monitor as a blur, even as the next image comes up, ghosting is said to occur, a noted event with monitor quality, while playing high graphics games. Look for a response rate value of less than 8ms. This ensures minimal ghosting. Also check out the viewing angle, resolution and color quality. The size of the monitor also plays a key role. Avoid squinting at your screen, during a game with a tiny screen size. 17 inches and above is the recommended screen size for a gaming machine.

A gaming mouse and keyboard are optional add-ons. But they do help enhance your performance in a game. With programmable buttons and function mapping as well as backlit and LED light controls, mice and keyboards designed exclusively for gaming, will give you a definite edge in any gaming arena. Most models also have an ergonomic design to allow for long gaming spells without aches or hand sprains. For gaming mice and keyboards, Razer, Logitech and SteelSeries are the brands that offer the best models. In addition to the above configuration points, a powerful sound system is an extra feature to consider. Surround sound with sub-woofers and enhanced bass helps add to the immersive experience of a computer game. A neon lighting CPU tower or casing with a smart or funky design, is a physical add-on that increases the coolness factor of your machine.

If you want a pre-assembled or manufactured gaming computer, then be realistic in your expectations as good hardware comes with a price tag. So far, the best brand for a gaming machine is Alienware, with the best specs for the money. Whether hand-built or shopware, a dedicated gaming computer is an amazing piece of computing machinery to own.

Tips to Download Music On to an MP3 Player

So, you are intending to buy a new MP3 player. You have a wide variety of options to choose from. Sony, Microsoft, SanDisk, Phillips, Creative, Coby, Samsung or RCA MP3 player are just a few of brands. It may even be a cell phone that doubles as an MP3 player, or a handheld game console such as Sony PSP (PlayStation Portable). The next important step is knowing, how to store music on your MP3 player, so that you can listen to it while you’re commuting to and from work. This article will tell you how to download music onto a MP3 device.

Ways to Download Music onto an MP3 Player

The first step is to download music from the Internet. You can do so by using your MP3 player itself, if it can connect to the Internet using Wi-Fi connection. You can download songs from websites, which allow you to do it for free, or you may choose to pay for the downloads (per song or on monthly basis). One of the options is to go to the Apple iTunes music store and pay 99 cents for every song you want to download.

Note that these songs are protected by Apple’s FairPlay DRM (Digital Rights Management), so you can play the songs only on the Apple iPod, MP3 players. Other online stores encrypt the songs using the Windows Media Digital Rights Management (WMDRM) for security purposes. In order to decrypt and playback these files, you need the license key. If your license has expired, you will not be able to play the files. Your MP3 player has to support WMDRM, in order to play these audio files.

You can also use music subscription services such as eMusic. For $11.99 per month, you can download up to 24 songs a month. Other online music stores are Napster, MusicNow, URGE, and Yahoo! Music, which also allow music download for a certain charge that you have to pay. The other way is to simply search for the song title and artist name on Google, and download the song from some website which allows you to do so for free. You can also download entire albums using BitTorrent.

Using Computer

Another way to get MP3 files is by ripping your music CDs. In this way, you can convert your music to MP3 or WMA (Windows Media Audio) format. To do this, first insert the music CD into the computer’s CD drive. Then you can rip your CD using Windows Media Player, to encode your music to the WMA format. Note that you should deselect the “Copy Protect Music” option so that your music files are compatible with most MP3 players.

The next step is to download music onto MP3 player. This means to copy or sync the songs you want, to your MP3 player. You have to connect the device to the computer using a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable. If your player has USB-MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) support, then even better. The Windows operating system will automatically detect the device, which will be shown as a USB flash drive.

You can find the device by going to “My Computer.” Then you can copy and paste the files from your computer to the MP3 player. Otherwise, you can go to “Windows Explorer” and drag and drop the files to your MP3 player. Note that you need to drop the songs into the right directory, or the device will not be able to play the files. This approach is most useful for music players that do not incorporate Bluetooth and can only be loaded with music after they are connected to a PC. Storing songs on a Bluetooth equipped MP3 player is easy and you do not have to use a data cable to establish the connection.

You can also use the media management functions of Windows Media Player to transfer the files. Most MP3 players have special software available from the manufacturer to sync the files. For example, the Creative Zen MP3 player has the “Creative Media Explorer” to allow you to import the audio. Note that you may also have to install specific drivers for the MP3 player.

Most MP3 players can handle audio files in three formats: MP3, WMA, and WAV. There are also other file formats such as OGG and Apple’s AAC (Advanced Audio Coding). MP3 players can also work as FM radio, so you can listen to radio stations that are available in your city. They can also record voice. You have to simply press the Record button, and speak to the device, and then playback what you have just said.

MP3 players also have other functions such as the ability to view photos and playback videos.Now, that you know how to copy music to your MP3, you can enjoy listening to music whenever and wherever you want to.

Best Wearable Gadgets

With so many gadgets at our disposal that keep us connected and entertained all the time, there is no doubt that our love for gadgets is unconditional. With an effort to make our lives simpler, gadget creators have come up with a few gadgets you can actually wear and carry them along with you wherever you go. They are cool and definitely will make you stand out in a crowd. These elegant gadgets not only satisfy their objective with their unique features, but also turn into fashion accessories and make a style statement. So, without much ado let’s get an insight of the top 10 wearable gadgets.

Wearable Gadgets to Buy

Wi-Fi Detecting shirt

The Wi-Fi detector shirt, as the name suggests, detects Wi-Fi signals and allows you to share data too. The glowing bars on the front of the shirt, glow to let you know the signal strength. It is powered by a trio of AAA batteries. Once you are done with sharing data, just slip the batteries out of the pouch and unhook the animated decal. While washing the shirt, peel the decal, unplug the battery pack, remove the ribbon connector behind the decal and gently wash it. Replace all of it after the wash. It will not damage your shirt.

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Sometimes, we buy gadgets because they are unique and refreshingly novel. However, this gadget is definitely a rational purchase. The Nike iPod sport kit consists of a sensor, which you have to simply slip under the sock liner and connect it to your iPod. The sensor measures your pace, distance covered, time and calories burned, while you are walking or jogging. It is not necessary to own a pair of Nike shoes only, you could attach the sensor to any pair of shoes by securing a piece of Velcro to the device. So, now you get real-time feedback while you train!

Fingernail Watch

You might have come across various types of watches; different styles, weird shapes, sizes and different technology, but nothing can beat this unique, innovative technology. Forget wearing a watch on the wrist, Timex has come up with this unique watch that snugly fits on your nail. Thanks to its translucent body and design that allows the watch to smoothly fit on the nail. The text color and glow feature is activated on your command. Since, it is tiny with minimalist design and disposable too, doesn’t cost you much. So, are you ready to wear the time on your nail?

Interactive Tattoos

It is amazing to know how technology can be infused in our blood, well, literally! Interactive tattoos are implanted beneath the skin, through a small incision. Two tubes of the device are attached to an artery and a vein to allow blood to flow through them. The blood fuel cell in the device converts glucose and oxygen in the blood to electricity. The display of this device is somewhat similar to an inked tattoo (as shown in the picture), however in reality tiny microscopic spheres in the device give it such a glowing effect. It can be turned off and on by pushing a small glowing button on the device. Although it is only a concept till date, but we will soon see its execution. And if you are wondering whether these interactive tattoos could have harmful biological effects. Well, actually they are supposed to alert a person of any health problem (if any), as it continually monitors for blood disorders. Therefore, they probably will be the coolest and safest tattoo ever!
Solar-powered Jacket

Ermenegildo Zegna’s solar-powered jacket is a brilliant example of fashion fused with technology and above all is environment-friendly. This solar-powered jacket has solar panels attached to the upper sleeves, which harnesses power from the sun and convert it into electrical energy, just enough to charge your cell phone or iPod. The solar battery gets fully charged with 5 hours of direct sunlight. If you think Zegna’s jacket are costly, go in for local manufacturers, who design such jackets, they are cheap and just as effective as the Zenga.

Lightweight Wrist Phone

Having established a reputation as mobile phone manufactures who dare to explore newer technology, Samsung yet again exhibits its technical prowess by coming out with a wrist phone. It is described as the world’s thinnest touchscreen phone! This wrist phone has Bluetooth, mp3 player, speaker phone, touchscreen and most importantly its ability to sync with your Outlook email! Samsung is not the only company to introduce this technology; the other competitors in this domain include Sony Ericson, LG and Philips. So, now you don’t really have to worry about misplacing or forgetting your phone, because the device is wrapped around your wrist and goes with you wherever you go!

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

Portable devices have an uncanny tendency to indicate low-battery when you need them the most, right? But, not any more. Thanks to this universal gadget wrist charger, which sits comfortably on your wrist. You can just plug into any compatible electronic device, be it your iPod or your laptop. It has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and a universal port. However, you would have to purchase pins compatible to each of your gadgets (cell phones, mp3 players, gaming systems or laptop), so that your gadgets can be connected with ease into the port. Now, you don’t have to worry about charging your devices, even while traveling for long durations.

iLogic Sound Hat

Don an iLogic Sound Hat, plug it into your iPod or mp3 player and you will be amazed to experience the sound quality of the integral speakers that fit in correctly just over your ears. These Sound hat do away with the blues of headphone cables and at the same time prevents the cold breeze from entering your ears. Of course there is a cord that enables one to plug it into a standard mp3 player or iPod. However, in case you are not using it, one can tuck it into the lining of the hat. Plug-in and chill out, without being affected by the chill.

USB Sunglasses

Calvin Klein crafts new sunglasses. What’s new about that? Well, the frame of these specialized sunglasses give way to a 4GB USB drive. Since, the USB drive is nestled into the metallic frame of the glasses, they are not detectable by anyone, except the user and 4 gigs is a lot of space. We must say it indeed is a cool way of fusing fashion and gadgetry. Thumbs up for this piece of innovation.

USB Heating Gloves

Another unusual wearable gadget is the USB heating gloves. The first impression of these gloves are like any normal gloves, but you will soon realize they have a USB cable which can be fixed into a vacant port in your laptop. These gloves will extract power from the computer’s USB port. After a few minutes the internal heating pads of the gloves warm up and prevent your hands and fingers from freezing. Since, they have an in-built warmth controller, you don’t have to worry about the gloves overheating. Now you don’t have to worry about working in an air-conditioned room or during those chill winters.

From the list of top 10 wearable gadgets, it is clear that man’s endless thirst for technology is not just confined to hand-held gadgets, but have become an integral part of what he wears everyday. Credit must be given to the creators and designers of such wearable gadgets, for combining technology, originality, fashion and portability, all in one device!

to Copy Xbox 360 Games for Free

One of the best things about the Xbox 360 is the fact that you have one of the widest collection of games available for this platform. The controls, the graphics, and the performance of this console give the competition a serious run for its money. All the games for the Xbox available in the market are on DVDs. It’s a well-known fact that these DVDs are real scratch magnets, and aren’t really built to endure the constant use and abuse that they are subjected to almost on a daily basis. For any gamer, nothing is as heartbreaking as the ‘Disk Error’ sign that flashes on the screen, when you are all geared up for some serious gaming action! Never fear, backup DVDs are here to the rescue. You would need to lay your hands on the freeware Xbox Backup Creator and ImgBurn to get started.

As long as you do not intend to walk around town with a black eye patch, selling or distributing these copies, you can make backup copies of your original Xbox 360 games. You can proudly show off your original DVDs as collector’s items, while you enjoy playing the games using the backup. Creating a backup of your games is child’s play, and the best part is that you won’t have the cops knocking your door down for doing this. Also, you do not need to modify your console in any way, so the warranty doesn’t get void. Here’s how you can go about it.

You Will Need

  • An Original Xbox 360 game DVD
  • A Computer with a dual-layer DVD Burner
  • A blank dual layer DVD (DVD+R DL)
  • Xbox Backup Creator
  • ImgBurn Software

Creating the Backup File

  • Install both the software on the computer. Run Xbox Backup Creator.
  • Insert the original game DVD into the DVD drive.
  • On the screen that pops up, you should be able to see details about the DVD. Check to make sure that the additional information mentions the KREON firmware (only DVDs with this firmware can be copied). Select ‘Complete Backup’ (if not already selected).
  • Click on ‘Start’, name the file (ideally the name of the game), and allocate a folder path on your computer with adequate free space (up to 8.5 GB) for the backup. It should ideally take about 15-20 minutes for the backup to be created. You can check to see if the backup has been created by going into the folder that you had saved it in. You should see two files with the name you had given the backup; one would be .dvd file and the other an .iso file.
  • Right-click on the .dvd file and select ‘Open With…’. Choose ‘Notepad’ from the list of programs and click on OK.
  • You should be able to see a value against ‘Layerbreak’; copy this numeric value and save it separately in another notepad file. Close the files.

Burning the Backup Game DVD

  • Once the backup has been created, run ImgBurn. Replace the original game DVD with a blank dual-layered DVD (which should ideally have DVD+R DL written on it).
  • Select ‘Write image file to disc’.
  • In the window that comes on the screen, under ‘Source’, click on the ‘browse for a file’ icon (an open folder with a magnifying glass). Navigate to the backup files folder that you created earlier and select the .dvd file.
  • From the top menu, select Tools › Settings › Write › Options (the one to the right).
  • Select ‘User Specified’ and enter the value you had saved earlier from the notepad into the box by its side. Click on OK.
  • Set the ‘Write Speed’ at 2x and click on ‘Write’ at the bottom. Let it ‘burn’ for about 30-45 minutes.

Cheap Laptops for Students

Who doesn’t need a laptop computer these days? It’s an essential purchase for any student, who has loads of assignments and presentations to deal with over the course of a year. However, these gadgets don’t come cheap and for a student on a limited budget, buying one can put a lot of strain on his finances. Recognizing this student need, manufacturers have come up with many low cost laptop configurations, with price tags which make them affordable. In this Buzzle article, you will not only find a listing of the cheapest laptops for students, but also some tips to shrewdly find the best and cheapest laptop deals.

Choosing a Laptop Computer

The adjective ‘cheapest’ is a relative term. You shouldn’t just consider the price tag on the laptop, but also consider the value you get for your money. So, before I present you with the best cheapest laptop deals for students, I will talk about how to choose a laptop with basic configurations that offer decent performance. Go for dual core processors like the Intel Core 2 Duo or Intel core i3 and settle for nothing less than at least 2 GB of RAM capacity. See to it that the laptop you choose has at least 250 GB of space and 13 to 14 inch of LCD screen size. Go for products offered by the best brands like Dell, HP and Toshiba.

How to Find Inexpensive Laptops?

There are many ways in which you can corner the sweetest and cheapest laptop deals. One way is to go to retail stores who sell these gadgets at a wholesale price. Search online stores like Amazon for a range of cheap laptop deals offered. The prime advantage of shopping in such places is the substantial discount offered on best laptop configurations.

Take advantage of the seasonal sales discounts offered by major retailers. One option that very few students opt for, is going for refurbished laptops. Refurbished Macs are sold by Apple store, with manufacturer warranty and can be bought at substantially low prices. The last option is of course to go for used laptops, but let it be the last alternative on your priority list.

Best Cheap Laptops for Students on the Market

After that brief exposition on the art of landing up with the cheapest laptop deals, here are some actual laptop deals available in the market right now, with good overall configurations offered at a reasonable price. All the prices quoted against the laptop models are from Amazon, the online electronics retail giant.

Dell Inspiron M5030 2800B3D 15.6-Inch Laptop ($468.81)
Dell Inspiron 14R 1181MRB 14-Inch Laptop ($589.99)
Toshiba Satellite L455D-S5976 15.6-Inch Laptop ($439.99)
Acer Aspire TimelineX AS4820TG-6847 14-Inch HD Display Laptop ($799.99)
Toshiba Satellite A665 (Around $650)
Acer AS5253-BZ684 15.6-Inch Laptop ($437.69)
Dell Inspiron 17R 1599MRB 17.3-Inch Laptop ($799.99)
HP G62-340us 15.6-Inch Laptop ($431.99)
Compaq Presario CQ62-410US 15.6-Inch Notebook ($369.95)
Toshiba Satellite L655-S5156 15.6-Inch LED Laptop ($469.99)
Lenovo G560 Series 0679AKU 15.6-Inch Laptop ($549.23)
Dell Inspiron 15R 1570MRB 15.6-Inch Laptop ($549.99)
HP Pavilion dv6-3230us Entertainment Laptop ($599.99)

Make it a point not to settle for laptops with substandard configurations that are sold dirt cheap. They may cost very less, but you will also have to settle for lousy performance. You always have the option of going for netbooks, which also offer great performance, along with high battery life. Another suggested option is to go for refurbished laptops sold directly by manufacturers like Dell, at bargain prices. Scan thoroughly on the Internet and check out the various deals offered. You are bound to land up with one that exactly suits your budget and offers all the features you are looking for.